Alert! L.O.V.E!

Hi, everyone!

Meet Nurul Trie Yulianti, 21 years old, single. An outgoing girl with a big passion on traditional dance, outdoor activities, and many more. She has a nice smile, a good sense of humor, not to mention a very good sense on delicious foods. Being single for 21 years, Nurul has been through a lot. Anyhow, she always spreads a feeling of happiness everyday. She is definitely the kind of person you’d like to meet to boost up your mood!

Born in Jakarta, a soon-to-be 21 years old Dhiza Ariffa is a huge fan of Coldplay who has the real talent of drawing and playing Tap Tap in her iPod Touch. Dhiza has a lot of friends, since she finds herself comfortably mingle with new people around her. She has the guts to join an internship program to a rural area in Tanjung Dato’, Kalimantan, a month ago. But above all, she is a great, talented, and undoubtedly a loving person.

They both texted me from Merauke and Pontianak a while before catching up a plane to Jakarta and told me that they had a great time there. But for me, the best thing about welcoming them home is knowing that they come up with their own, fresh, and brand new love story. And I’m soooo delighted to hear that!

Can’t wait to hear more and more from them! 🙂

*I wrote this on the last July welcoming these two good friends*