I know my being happy is an anomaly. No one knows me better than you. But I can say without avoiding your gaze, without crossing my fingers behind my back; or any other thing I do when speaking untruthfully – I am happy.

I know the rain doesn’t discriminate between day or night and either will hold its own light and dark — but now, at this very moment, I feel like I am the sun. And I know in my heart, I will always look upon this time — not without a sense of melancholy — that it was the happiest in my life.

– Lang Leav


It happens instantly, within probably less than a second, when I started telling him stories which I have never told anyone before.

Stories on my past and my flaws which I’ve been keeping from anyone because I always knew that they just made me feel bad.

It is on that moment when my mind said “I should give a serious thought on this guy“.