Another Side of Social Psychology Class

The Social Psychology Class that I attend every Thursday on 01.30 pm-04.00 pm is quite interesting for me. But one thing I don’t really know is that I always feel so sleepy during the class. I often blame the time class starts; because I believe that it requires me to sit and listen to the lecturer or to do anything that enhance my knowledge. So, my Thursday was just like many other Thursdays in this term: entering the class on 01.30 pm, looking for some places to sit (I love the middle part), waiting for the lecturer, listening while another side of me were screaming to sleep, question-answer session, and class over. But last Thursday was a little bit different. One senior lecturer came and he taught us about….. about what? Oh, I forgot what it was. Ok, he taught us something in a non-stop style-lecturing-method. Yes, he talked and talked during the class. He talked a lot, so the students did the contrary: we listened. Since I didn’t pay much attention to him except his very good-looking face in his nearly 60’s, I couldn’t tell you much what the lecture about. All I did was staring at him for some seconds, nodding for something I agreed, and writing meaningless words and sentences on my textbook, hoping to keep connected to the class.

Finally, he ended his lecture, sat on his chair, and another young lecturer who assist switched to be in charge. And she started her lecture about Interpersonal Relationship. I directly lifted my head, pointed my eyes to the power point presentation and imagined that ‘love’ will be the most commonly used word in the class. And hell yes, I was right!

I hope the next class would be that fun! Hahaha..