Month: September 2014

Mind Wander

There are times when I feel so tired getting home late at night and all I wanted to do was just sleep without reciting the Holy Qur’an

There are times when I want to complain why it’s really tough to pull just one job

or the moment where I don’t want to sacrifice and be selfish


But when I was about to think on pulling my blanket,

or talk to a friend gossiping around about our daily job;

or just do whatever I wanted to do without thinking how it may affect me later,

I also think about how I can’t risk letting myself be a bad person, let alone a bad wife and a bad mother.

So instead, I took a shower and start reciting the Qur’an in a lovely silent night – and felt warm afterward

I opened a candidate database and sort through one by one, page by page which seem like an endless effort – and found a suitable candidate 

and I do things which align with my Deen and my belief – and felt rewarded after that.

… I simply don’t want to give room for a voluntarily mistake.


So I told him about what happened at work last week.

One cancelled deal

One troubled client

And a client yelled at me complaining.

He answered with this :

“Holy Qur’an : [This] worldly life is only amusement and diversion.” And whoever believes in Allah, He will help them go through world’s difficulties.


And that’s it.

I couldn’t help but smile and felt warm.

The effect that he has on me.