Month: April 2014

Unstoppable Mind

1. Life must be much easier with clean pavements in the neighborhood and public library. It must be really fun to go for a run and drown yourself reading books in your (own) local library!


2. I’ve been joining Body Combat class for the last 4 months and found martial art so interesting. Everytime I see the instructor, I remember those Kungfu shaolins and am dying to know how they do those inhaling and exhaling practice. They look so damn cool I envy them.


3. Science article, combined with a bit of human touch, can be so beautiful to read. My heart skips a beat.

I just read an article from Discover Magazine, Picking Sides: How Genes Help Us Decide Between Left and Right.

Reading the last paragraph, I was stunned on how the author put “But the fascinating thing about handedness is that it opens a window onto the workings of our brains themselves. The laterality of our table manners or our tennis swings can help researchers understand how our brains are wired and what factors contribute to create each individual’s distinctive biology.”

How science terms, combined with everyday terms like “table manners” and “tennis swings” can feel so powerful yet so human 🙂


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Yesterday I just finished reading the Qur’an for the second time in my 24 years of life (shame on me—what am I doing my entire life I only had the chance to finish it for the second time the year my age turns 25?)

As I was approaching the end of the holy book, I realized and was quite amazed with how little I know about the following things:

  1. I just realized that the verses I read picture more clearly about the End of The Day (the Kiamat, the afterlife, the Heaven, and the Hell) and it struck me just right in time about how small I am in this entire world, and gets me thinking what have I done so far to help me achieve the so called ‘good afterlife’
  2. I miss the time where I can easily memorize these chapters in my heart back when I was in elementary school: Al-Qari’ah, Al-‘Adiyat, Al-Bayyinah, Al-‘Alaq, Al-Layl, Al-Balad, Asy-Syams, and any other beautiful verses I’ve been missing out.
  3. I don’t even know the meaning of QS. Al-Kautsar; I recite it more than five times a day and have no clue about its meaning.
  4. Change is scary. Stepping out of the comfort zone to achieve the greater good is one hell of a tough job. I am not saying I’m ready for it, but I’m trying my very best to improve myself each and every single day. And considering how little and flawed I am, what I hope is God stays with me through this.


P.S : Al-Kautsar means The Abundance (Nikmat Yang Banyak)