Month: October 2013


I am wondering if what I do for a living right now helps me to be closer to my Creator.

Whether those things that take up more than 12 hours of my day make me a better person in front of my God.

Whether these very things which give me monthly paycheck help me to do good things to people around me.

I wonder if all the tiredness, the traffic, the workload make me read Qur’an more.

Or sometimes my mind go wander to remember where all the money goes. Have I, for even once, spent them in a way which God asks them to be spent?

I keep saying and saying  ‘this is what I like’, ‘I’m willing to come home late to finish this job’, ‘this is my passion’, etc..

But really, do all those things make me a better person?

A better woman, a better Moslem?

Or, a better figure that my future kids will look up to someday?

Do all those things help me prepare for the afterlife?

Do they?