Month: July 2013


A couple of days ago, my boss who just got back from Germany gave me a simple-yet-classy Longchamp bag which she bought during her stay there.

I was really thrilled as I realized that I couldn’t afford to buy the original bag here which costs me a fortune. People say that it costs around 1 million rupiah in Indonesia’s store.

I then took a look at the bag and stare at its details, trying to find out and compare with all the imitated versions which are easy to find in every side of ITC’s corner : the strap, the zipper, and the Longchamp brand located at the back of the bag.

At the first glance, the bag looks like an ordinary bag and it doesn’t even worth 1 million rupiah to me. But if I look closer, I find what makes it worthy: the strap is made of strong leather, the zipper is not the one who is easily broken, and the Longchamp brand is beautifully stitched at the back of the bag.

One thing that I realize, those details are not easy to spot- they are kinda overlooked and I gotta take closer to check.

Maybe the same thing applies to people.

Maybe ‘good’ people are not easy to spot. Maybe what makes them good and worthy is those little details which are not quite easy to find.

Maybe what makes them good is as simple as them giving their favourite chocolate to their friends, even though they know that the chocolate tempted them a lot.

Or maybe what makes them good is when they are willing to help their co-workers check their work and give total hearty advice for them to improve.

Or it can be those qualities where they still treat other people well, although they don’t receive the same treatment from those exact same people.

Maybe we all have to take a closer look to tell why a bag is worth a one-month-salary-for-some-people, but in the end there will always be those small, good quality details which finally explain why.