Month: March 2013

Blind Leading The Blind

Yesterday, as I wrapped up everything in the office, I soon headed home.

I took the same way to get to the train station: office-Trans Jakarta shelter-hopped in a Kopaja, and arrived.

Before I could barely step my feet to the Trans Jakarta shelter, I saw two men holding hands. They wore black sunglasses and each held a stick.

Blind leading the blind. Both of them lose their eyesight.


They travel the same way, as if they already know when to turn right, when to turn left, or just go straight.

I then approached them and asked where they are heading to, they said they’re going to the TJ shelter. We walked together and I helped them cross the crowded Sudirman road to get to the shelter.

We chatted a little, and it turns out that both of them work in Standard Chartered Building, a building near my office.


My mind wandered as I parted with them in the shelter, thinking how it feels to spend my day not being able to see anything. It must feel really… dark.

How does it feel to work in a more-than-30 story building where you had to jump in an elevator, walking down the road every day, and (maybe) not knowing where you are?

I believe that they developed a strong feeling about their surroundings, in compensation of their lost eyesight.


I went silent waiting for the Kopaja to come, thinking how they made it to home; although I knew that they will made it safe and sound.

It’s funny and beautiful at the same time, the way Universe reminded me of how much blessings that I took for granted.


Thank you. For making me learn again.